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Sete Cidades – Blue & Green Crater Lakes



All pick-up starts between 9:00 and 9:20 am and in the afternoon, between 14:00 and 14:20 pm.


4 hours.


  • Included between Ponta Delgada, Ribeira Grande and Lagoa;
  • Outside the included zones, an additional charge can be applied.


Tour shared with other participants, when justified.

*Would you like to book a Private & Exclusive Tour, alone, with family or friends, please click here.

50% OFF

Children under 10 years old.


Free up to 24 hours before the tour starts.


  • Embark with us on a 4-hour journey into this imposing wonder of nature, amid epic paths and flanked slopes of hydrangeas;
  • Rediscover with us the legend that once made this magnificent creation of nature, the scene of a legendary history, and their romantic forbidden love, between a princess and a shepherd who, rejected by the king, made the two lovers with their tears , formed the two lagoons;
  • Visit one of the most emblematic belvederes of São Miguel, the Vista do Rei, known for having been there on July 6, 1901, King D. Carlos and Queen D. Amélia;
  • See for yourself the lush Santiago Lagoon, located within the Sete Cidades volcanic crater, surrounded by typical Macaronesian vegetation and cryptomeria plantations;
  • Explore the center of the quiet Parish of Sete Cidades situated inside the 800-inhabitant crater;
  • Stop at the Escalvado Viewpoint, where you can admire the monasteries and the smithy from above, generated by the volcanic force of this area;
  • Learn the whole process of growing pineapples in glass greenhouses, which take 2 years to generate;
  • This will surely be the perfect opportunity to find out why the Seven Cities was the winner of the 7 Wonders of Portugal.


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Our goal is to provide to all customers, the maximum satisfaction and safety measures, currently required by the Governmental management of Health.



After pick-up at your hotel or accommodation (free service between the cities of Ponta Delgada, Lagoa and Ribeira Grande), from 9:00 until 9:20, or in the afternoon between 14:00 and 14 : 20, we start the half-day Seven Cities circuit, “The Legend of the Princess and the Shepherd in the Kingdom of Seven Cities”

The first stop of the day will be at Pineapple Plantations so you can learn the whole process of growing them and see for yourself why Pineapple, the King fruit in Sao Miguel, and the Azores is considered.

We will then go to the Pico do Carvão Viewpoint to admire the vast expanse of volcanic cones between the Sete Cidades volcano and the Lagoa do Fogo volcano, offering a wide view of the coast of the north and south coast of the island.

Then we will go to one of the most emblematic belvederes of São Miguel, the Vista do Rei, so known, for having been there on July 6, 1901 King D. Carlos and Queen D. Amelia.

Continuing a trip into the Sete Cidades volcanic crater through incredible hydrangea-flanked roads, we will stop at the Serrado das Freiras viewpoint.

Next stop, the green Santiago Lagoon, located within the Sete Cidades volcanic crater, surrounded by typical Macaronesian vegetation and cryptomeria plantations.

Already in the center of Lagoa das Sete Cidades, a mandatory stop on the bridge that divides it.

Walking tour in the quiet parish of Sete Cidades with visit to the church of São Nicolau.

With a heart purified by nature, we will head towards the Escalvado Viewpoint, situated on a pyroclastic cliff where, from above, we can admire the Monasteries and Ferraria, generated by the volcanic force of this area.

This will undoubtedly be the best four hours of vacation in Sao Miguel, Azores, after a half day visit to Sete Cidades, full of legends and enchanting stories.

Depending on weather conditions and with a view to better enhancing and ensuring the utmost experience of our customers, visit orders may be changed.


  • Visit to Pineapple Plantation;
  • Pico do Carvão viewpoint;
  • Canário Crater Lake;
  • Vista do Rei viewpoint;
  • Serrado das Freiras viewpoint;
  • Lagoa do Santiago viewpoint;
  • Blue & Green Crater Lakes bridge;
  • Blue & Green Crater Lakes parish;
  •  São Nicolau church;
  • Escalvado viewpoint.



 Local Guide;

 Pick-up at your accommodation between Ponta Delgada, Lagoa and Ribeira Grande;

 Bottle of water or soda;

 Free internet on board;

 Chargers available for, smartphone, tablet, etc.;


Child seat available by prior request, please note that use is required by Portuguese law up to 12 years old or 36 kg;


4 hours tour;

Live Commented Tour.





We sell not only circuits … but a set of experiences. We are well aware that when it comes time to choose a tour, you have more options and they all claim to have and be “the best”, but what sets us apart from all the others?
This circuit has a duration of 4 hours and is ideal for those who only want to occupy half days or with little time available on the island.

We are proud to say that we have the best value / circuit practiced in the market, so even if it is cheaper, we equal the price.

We are not a big company… we don’t have big cars… but a GREAT SERVICE.

Book your Sete Cidades half day tour now at the best price guaranteed and let us honor you as part of our family, even for a day.


  • Comfortable shoes;


  • In some viewpoints located at higher altitudes can make it colder and windier, it is recommended to wear a warmer garment. Do not forget that in the Azores you can do all 4 seasons in one day;
  • If you need to make changes or cancel, you can call +351 919 607 160 24/7;
  • Cancellation is free until 24 hours before the start of your tour;
  • The only way to book tours with us is online.


  • Your hotel receptionist may possibly try to convince you to cancel your activity with us, to recommend one selected by her / her, claiming it is the one they usually recommend, because customers “love this company very much”;
  • Did you know that you cannot find activity information flyers displayed in most hotels, and they are stored in a closet or drawer and are only exposed to the public, “the company (s) that pays the highest commissions;
  • Our flyers are available only at airport and downtown tourist offices.
  • 95% of our bookings are made directly through digital platforms. “We are tech natives and not migrants.”
  • The remaining 5% comes through agencies, specially selected by us, for resale of our products.“What we would pay in hotel / accommodation commissions, we prefer to invest in the improvement, duration and quality for our customers, in services. or products ”after all the customer is the pillar of our business, not a hotel / accommodation receptionist.

6 reviews for Sete Cidades – Blue & Green Crater Lakes

  1. Marta A

    5 Estrelas o tour de meio dia à Lagoa das Sete Cidades foi excelente. O guia, Miguel, foi muito prestável e simpático. A tarde foi aproveitada ao máximo, é um programa a repetir quando voltar e o preço imbatível. Recomendo! Muito obrigada pela tour e votos de sucesso. 😀

  2. MartaS8536

    Excelente! Adorei a tour à Lagoas das Sete Cidades. O guia Miguel foi impecável, sempre alegre e pronto a ajudar. Recomendo a todas as pessoas esta tour, pelo preço, pelo excelente guia e por toda a informação e energia que nos consegue passar. Um dia espero voltar aos Açores e experimentar uma nova tour, e claro, com a Azores Dream Tours! Muito obrigada, guia Miguel 🙂 Desejo-vos continuação de sucesso!

  3. jeromet402

    Très belle expérience Un très beau séjours Grace a Azores Dream tours, une très belle expérience. Nous avons exploré des endroits magnifique, merci à Azores Dream tours pour leur accueil.

    Sainte-Adresse, França

  4. Rui B

    Excelente Escolha Saimos de Ponta delgada por volta das 9 de manhã Rumo á Sete cidades, ficamos maravilhados com a Beleza Natural das Lagoas. O nosso guia sempre foi atencioso contando pormenores sobre a naturesa que rodeia a Ilha de São Miguel , Gostamos tanto que reservamos outra visita para o dia a seguir visitando a lagoa do fogo e Furnas fazendo paragens pelo caminho para dislumbrar a vista desta magnifica Ilha .Muitos atenciosos durante toda a viagem

  5. AVSF6

    Excelente serviço Marquei um Tour à Lagoa das sete cidades para 7 pessoas com recolha no hotel. Foi um pouco em cima da hora e sinceramente escolhi um pouco pelo preço.
    O tour foi excelente, ao ritmo que pretendíamos….julgo um pouco adaptado aos clientes…viram o que preferíamos e ajustaram as paragens e tempos (por exemplo, tivemos uma paragem um pouco maior para umas cervejas e tremoços num local muito giro).
    O guia (Joao julgo eu…era o irmao do dono) tornou o tour mais interessante com varias historias engraçadas.
    Veiculo normal, serviço muito bom e sem pressões.

    Porto, Portugal

  6. Eli Galvez Lopez

    Gracias a Miguel y a Tiago, nuestros guias, por hacer de este viaje una experiencia única.
    Con ellos visitamos lugares únicos de S.Miguel y conocimos su historia. Amables y muy atentos se adaptaron a nuestras necesidades, ofreciendo un trato personalizado. Lo recomendaría sin duda.

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Sete Cidades – Blue & Green Crater Lakes

This will undoubtedly be the best four hours of vacation in Sao Miguel, Azores, after a half day visit to Sete Cidades, full of legends and enchanting stories.

(6 customer reviews)


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