Discovering São Miguel Island in 2 days



All pick-up starts between 9:00 and 9:20 am.


2 full days of 8 hours of tour each.


  • Included between Ponta Delgada, Ribeira Grande and Lagoa;
  • Outside the included zones, an additional charge can be applied.


The order of days can be changed depending  on availability


1 Day tour to Furnas & Nordeste

Meal at local restaurant with the traditional stew, with the customer being able to choose another dish (starters, main course, drinks, dessert and coffe included).

2 Day tour to Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo

Meal in a local restaurant, served as a “Buffet” with different meat and fish dishes (starters, main course, drinks, dessert, coffee included).


Tour shared with other participants, when justified.

*Would you like to book a Private & Exclusive Tour, alone, with family or friends, please click here.

50% OFF

Children under 10 years old.


Free up to 24 hours before the tour starts.


  • Visit one of the most emblematic belvederes of São Miguel, the Vista do Rei, known for having been there on July 6, 1901, King D. Carlos and Queen D. Amélia;
  • Explore the volcanological activities of one of the most active volcanoes in the Azores, as well as all its eruptive history over 100,000 years old;
  • Relax in natural hot spring pools. (Entry not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense);
  • Admire the imposing Véu da Noiva Waterfall, on the Ribeira dos Caldeirões, located in the Parish of Achada in the Northeast Council;
  • Admire the pure nature of Lagoa do Fogo’s lush volcanic crater with its turquoise waters from its incredible viewpoint;
  • Visit one of only two tea plantations / factories in Europe.

Join us on a 2 full-days excursion to the most iconic places on São Miguel island.

Our local gastronomy will be represented on both days.

On the day of Furnas & Nordeste tour, we will have the opportunity to lunch the famous “Furnas Stew”, cooked in volcanic soil for 6 hours, and also have the opportunity to see taking out our pot from the interior of the volcanic soil, and all the volcanic manifestations existing there. (entrance to Lagoa das Furnas not included).

On the day of Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo tour, lunch will be served as a “Buffet” with different meat and fish dishes.

(Full lunch on both of 2 days of activities with starters, drinks, dessert and coffee included)

In these 2 days of activitiest, you will have the privilege of having a general view of the most iconic places of the entire “green” island, from which stand out the emblematic viewpoints such as Vista do Rei in Sete Cidades, (winner of the 7 Wonders of Portugal ) or Pico do Ferro, where you can see from the top of the crater one of the most active volcanoes in the Azores archipelago and learn all about its eruptive history with more than 100,000 years.

You will also have the opportunity to relax in hot thermal pools, heated by Furnas volcano, at one of the biggest and best Botanical Parks in Europe, Terra Nostra Park. (Towels provided free of charge, upon prior request) *entry not included, available by choice or at the customer’s expense.

Also the visit to Pineapple and Tea Plantations will be a “must”.

In the Northeast area, we will visit the Ribeira dos Caldeirões Natural Park with its 5 water mills and its imposing and majestic waterfall, entitled “Véu da Noiva”.

We have selected the best TOP places to visit throughout São Miguel island in Sete Cidades, Furnas, Lagoa do Fogo and Nordeste areas, making in a 2 full days activities the most complete experience as possible at São Miguel Island in Azores.



After pick-up at your hotel or accommodation (free service between the cities of Ponta Delgada, Lagoa and Ribeira Grande), from 9:00 until 9:20, we start the Furnas & Nordeste circuit, in the daytime. whole, “The Enchanted Garden”;

We will start your tour through Ponta Delgada, along Avenida do Mar, following the beaches of Água D´Alto, until we reach the first capital of the island, Vila Franca do Campo, stopping also at the viewpoint of  Sra. da Paz where from the top, we can see its incredible islet result of an underwater volcanic eruption and where the Red Bull Cliff Diving has been running for 3 years, now. From there we will also be able to see all the village center.

After this short break, time to drive to the bucolic Lagoa das Furnas (Entry not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense), area where the famous “Cozido das Furnas” is cooked in volcanic soil for 6 hours, and here we can observe the removal of the pots from the volcanic ground by local restaurants. We will also visit the various fumaroles and boilers from that area;

Back on the road and towards to Furnas parish you can will optionally be able to relax in thermal pools of hot springs, over more than 30 degrees.

This is an experience of thermal charisma, with the option of the client and alternative, between Poça da Dona Beija and the pools of Parque Terra Nostra, where in addition to being able to swim, you can also visit its amazing Botanical Garden Terra Nostra Park, considered one of the best and largest in Europe. (Entry not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense);

Lunch Break (Lunch included)

After lunch, a pedestrian visit to the center of the parish of Furnas to visit its various fumaroles, boilers and taste some mineral springs there;

Driven north of the Island, next stop will be at the imposing Pico do Ferro viewpoint, where you can see the magnitude of the Furnas volcanic crater and her lake;

Continuing the trip, next stop is the Ribeira dos Caldeirões Natural Park, one of the most visited areas in the Nordeste area, with its 5 Watermills and her amazing waterfall;

The last stop of the day, will be the tea route, until the tea plantations and their factories.
A view of the splendid bay, a magnificent garden and a smiling welcome for a tea tasting at the Gorreana Tea Factory or Porto Formoso Tea Factory;

After an incredible full day tour to Furnas & Nordeste, it is time to return to your accommodation.


  • Avenida do Mar (Ponta Delgada);
  • Vila Franca do Campo beach/Água D´Alto beach;
  • Sra. da Paz viewpoint to admire from the top the village and the islet of Vila Franca do Campo;
  • Furnas Crater / Lagoon / Fumarolas / Boilers / Springs / Furnas stew  area (Entry not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense);
  •  Terra Nostra Park Botanical Garden (for visiting or bathing) (Entrance not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense);
  • Furnas parish/boilers/fumaroles/water springs;
  • Pico do Ferro Viewpoint / Furnas Volcanic Crater;
  • Nordeste/ Ribeira dos Caldeirões / Natural Park / Water Mills / Waterfall;
  • Tea Factory & Plantations, Porto Formoso or Gorreana, with tea tasting.



After pick-up at your Hotel or Accommodation (free service between the cities of Ponta Delgada, Lagoa and Ribeira Grande), from 9:00 until 9:20, we start the Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo circuit. / West, all day long “The Force of Nature”.

This will be the perfect opportunity to discover why the Seven Cities was the winner of the 7 Wonders of Portugal, as well as the power of Nature generated by Fogo volcano, currently used to produce +/- 40% energy. to São Miguel Island.

Rediscover with us the legend you once made of the Seven Cities, an incredible creation of Nature, as it was the scene of a legendary history and its romantic forbidden love, between a princess and a shepherd, who rejected by the king, made the two lovers, with their tears, formed the two lagoons, located inside the volcanic crater of Sete Cidades, where is the blue and green lagoon, with the colors of the eyes of the two lovers, as well as the quiet parish of Sete Cidades, with 800 population.

First stop of this full-day circuit, will be at Pico do Carvão viewpoint, from where we will be able to see the north coast (Ribeira Grande) and south of the island (Ponta Delgada) of São Miguel Island, against the backdrop of a vast expanse of volcanic cones between the incredible Sete Cidades volcano and the majestic 900-meter-high fire volcano.

Then we will continue to one of the most emblematic viewpoints of São Miguel, in the Azores, Vista do Rei, known as the King D. Carlos and Queen D. Amélia.

Time to continue your incredible all-day circuit into the massive volcanic interior of the Sete Cidades, considered one of the most incredible locations on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores, amid epic paths and flanked slopes of hydrangeas.

See for yourself the Santiago Lagoon, located in the Sierra Devassa, deep in a volcanic crater of the Sete Cidades massif, surrounded by verdant mountain cliffs and over different species of fauna and flora.

If you have never known what it is like to be inside a volcanic crater, then this is yet another reason to book this incredible full day guided tour of the Seven Cities and the Lagoa do Fogo. Admire the Seven Cities Lagoon at a must stop on the famous bridge that divides it, in the center of a volcanic crater.

Breathe nature in the quiet parish of Sete Cidades and visit São Nicolau church.

With a heart purified by nature, head with us to the Escalvado viewpoint, situated on a pyroclastic cliff, where from the top, we can admire the Monasteries and Ferraria, generated by the volcanic force of this area.

Lunch break (lunch included).

After lunch, time to return to head towards the second highest point of the island of São Miguel, at 900 mts, where is located the viewpoint of Pico da Barrosa, from where you can see the north coast with its city of Ribeira Grande and the city of Ponta Delgada on the south coast of the island, as well as the entire amazing Lagoa do Fogo crater.

Going down the north coast, the next stop will be at the Lagoa do Fogo viewpoint.

Next, Caldeira Velha Environmental Interpretation Center for visiting. (Entry not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense).

Visit to the Historic Center of Ribeira Grande.

The last stop of your full day tour will be at the Pineapple Plantations to learn the whole process of growing pineapple in greenhouses and see for yourself why pineapple is considered the King fruit in Sao Miguel, and the Azores.

This will undoubtedly be the best 8 hours of vacation in Sao Miguel, Azores, after a full day visit to the Seven Cities and Lagoa do Fogo (West Circuit).

Depending on weather conditions and with a view to better enhancing and ensuring the utmost experience of our customers, visit orders may be changed.



  • Pico do Carvão viewpoint;
  • Viewpoint of the King / Sete Cidades Volcanic Crater / Sete Cidades Lagoon;
  • Santiago Lagoon viewpoint;
  • Stop at the center of the Lagoa das Sete Cidades bridge;
  • Parish of the Seven Cities – St. Nicholas Church;
  • Viewpoint of Escalvado (view of the Monasteries and Ferraria);
  • Pico da Barrosa viewpoint 900 metros (volcanic crater view of Lagoa do Fogo / North and South of São Miguel Island);
  • Lagoa do Fogo viewpoint;
  • Caldeira Velha for visit (Entry not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense);
  • Visit to the pineapple plantation in greenhouses.

Depending on the weather conditions and in order to better maximize and ensure the maximum experience of our customers, the order of visits and days tous may be changed.



Local Guide;

2 x Full lunch (Furnas stew & traditional buffet).

Pick-up at your accommodation between Ponta Delgada, Lagoa and Ribeira Grande;

Child seat available by prior request, please note that use is required by Portuguese law up to 12 years old or 36 kg;


2 full days tour of 8 hours each;

Live Commented Tour;


Entrances to Parks and/or Thermal Pools.

Lake entrance.

64 reviews for Discovering São Miguel Island in 2 days

  1. Ana Rocha

    Experiência incrível! A nossa guia Vera tornou sem dúvida alguma a nossa viagem aos Açores inesquecível!
    Procurou sempre as melhores soluções quando o tempo não ajudava e foi incansável! Recomendamos sem dúvida alguma!

  2. Carla Gonçalves

    No precipício do mês de dezembro fizemos o passeio descobrir São Miguel 2 dias, foi espetacular, paisagens lindíssimas, muito bem organizado, a guia Vera 🤩 então nem se fala muito simpática e muito cuidadosa, com grande interesse em dar a conhecer tudo por onde se vai passando 👍 foi realmente uns dias inesquecíveis.
    Sem dúvida ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  3. Miguel Soares

    Este tour tornou-se fantástico graças á Guia Vera que foi incansável nos dois dias. Simpatia, viagens explicadas ao pormenor, boa disposição, fez deste, um tour inesquecível. Obrigado Vera por tornar este passeio extraordinário. Recomendamos vivamente. Obrigado.

  4. Miguel Soares

    Tour espectacular graças á guia Vera que foi simplesmente fantastica com tudo. Boa disposição e simpatia em todos os momentos. Incansável. Uma viagem a S.Miguel que ficará na memória para sempre. Obrigado Vera por estes momentos deslumbrantes que nos proporcionou.

  5. Patrícia Flores (verified owner)

    Organização espetacular, com paisagens lindíssimas.
    A guia Vera é muito querida, prestável, divertida e sempre com boas curiosidades e factos sobre a ilha!
    Passeio magnífico de dois dias pelos locais mais icónicos da ilha de São Miguel com vivência de experiências únicas!

  6. Paulo Faleiro (verified owner)

    Adorei, dois dias inesquecíveis junto com a minha familia de 4. Sem duvida que estes dois passeios nos acolheram e mostraram todos os pontos da ilha. No primeiro dia fomos a plantação de chá e às furnas com o tour guide Gonçalo. Explicou-nos varias coisas e deixava ver as paisagens sem qualquer pressa. Podemos passar bastante tempo a tomar num banho nas furnas. No segundo dia o foco foram as lagoas das sete cidades e mais uns pontos turísticos. Também gostamos muito do Rafael que nos guiou no 2 dia de passeio. Os restaurantes incluídos também foram ótimos !

  7. Matilde Oliveira

    As visitas correram muito bem, a guia consegui inclusive adaptar o itinerário sempre que o clima não permitia o programado. As condições logísticas são boas e a condução de muita qualidade. Fizemos 2 dias de visita, 7 pessoas( 3 com mais de 80 anos)e tudo correu na perfeição. Iremos com certeza repetir. Obrigada.

  8. Mário Lima

    Very good empathy of the tourist guide (Vera) with the group of tourists. Great capability to improvise as the weather conditions didn’t allow the initial program to be fulfilled. Vera was /is very professional, competent and provided a great time during our 2 days tour in which we were fortunate to enjoy the fantastic São Miguel natural wonders and beauty. Definitely recommendable.

  9. Luís Duarte (verified owner)

    Uma excursão que não iremos esquecer. Fizemos a de dois dias e foi fantástico. Obrigado Azores Tours, especialmente aos nossos guias Vera e Rafael. Muito obrigado por tudo

  10. Alberto Mier

    Tour de días con Vera excelente

  11. Femke and Stijn

    The tour was really great! We saw a lot in two days from the island. We were lucky to have Rafael as a guide, since he realy knows some nice places to see and tells a lot about the local ways and nature. If you can, ask for Rafael to be your guide! You won’t regret it!☺️

  12. Sand

    The Tour was amazing! Two days when we could see a lot, and thanks to Vera was a great experience! She gave us a lot of information, stories, legends and always very friendly with a smile. Totally recommended!

  13. Rui Medeiros

    Foi muite linde..

  14. Doriange (verified owner)

    A verdade é que o pacote de dois dias foi ótimo. Rafa e Vera tinham 10 anos. Muito atenciosos, prestativos. Estivemos lá apenas alguns dias, por isso este passeio mostra-lhe os locais mais emblemáticos da ilha. Eles sempre cumpriam os horários, os lugares para comer eram todos muito gostosos. A verdade é recomendada.

  15. Zaira (verified owner)

    A ilha de São Miguel e de uma beleza única, superou minhas expectativas. O meu agradecimento em especial ao guia Rafael com todo o seu conhecimento e simpatia, estava sempre disponível e disposto a tirar todas as nossas dúvidas. O meu muito obrigada e até qualquer dia.

  16. Cristina (verified owner)

    Brilhante! Tudo o que vimos foi lindo e o guia Gonzalo nos explicou tudo claramente, sendo muito simpático e um ótimo motorista.

  17. Lucio (verified owner)

    Foi perfeito os 2 dias! Sem esse passeio seria impossível ter tanto conhecimento da Ilha, a guia foi excelente em educação, simpatia, comunicação … Só tenho a agradecer!

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    A ilha de São Miguel e de uma beleza única, superou minhas expectativas. O meu agradecimento em especial ao guia Rafael com todo o seu conhecimento e simpatia, estava sempre disponível e disposto a tirar todas as nossas dúvidas. O meu muito obrigada e até qualquer dia.

  19. Andrea (verified owner)

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  20. Keith (verified owner)

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  21. Mònica – Espanha (verified owner)

    Las excursiones nos han servido para tener una visión global de toda la isla, el guía es muy amable y explica muy bien todo lo que vas viendo en las visitas, sin duda repetiría

  22. Anonymous – Espanha (verified owner)

    Muy buena opción para visitar toda la isla y ver los puntos más importantes.

  23. Anônimo – Portugal (verified owner)

    Guias locais simpáticos e muito atenciosos, com um excelente conhecimento da ilha. Alimentação típica muito boa, especialmente o cozido das furnas. O tour passou pelas principais atrações da ilha, com tempo para tirar fotos.

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    Excelente. Recomendo muito esta experiência. O guia foi um espetáculo. Correu tudo lindamente.

  25. Leticia Fernandez – Espanha (verified owner)

    Excelente , nos encantó la experiencia, nuestro guía Gonzalo nos hizo la visita en español. Encantador. A la vuelta nos dejó en uerta de nuestro hotel y al día siguiente nos recogió igualmente aunque no era el previsto.

  26. Vera – Alemanha (verified owner)

    Vera e Rafael foram ótimos guias com muito conhecimento, paciência e atenção. Ambos dirigiam com muito cuidado e sempre nos sentimos seguros. O tempo em cada ponto do passeio foi suficiente para apreciar a paisagem espetacular. Vimos muita coisa nos 2 dias de passeio, Vera e Rafael mereciam mais que 5 estrelas

  27. Lethícia (verified owner)

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  28. Sascha (verified owner)

    Muito bom passeio de 2 dias. O passeio é altamente recomendado para conhecer a ilha. Nossa guia Vera também foi muito simpática e experiente. Ela foi capaz de explicar muitas coisas sobre a ilha e sua história em um inglês muito bom. A comida em ambos os dias foi excelente, incluindo bebidas. Em suma, absolutamente ótimo.

  29. dorothy (verified owner)

    Dois excelentes dias com nosso guia Rafael M.! Temos que ver os principais locais da ilha e muito mais. Um dos dois dias estava muito nublado e chuvoso, mas o guia contornou o problema e nos mostrou outros pontos que não estavam no roteiro e assim preencheu o dia. Passeio confortável, informações interessantes sobre a ilha e sua história e principais locais e um guia turístico amigável e divertido. Posso recomendar o passeio para quem está na ilha por apenas alguns dias e gostaria de aprender sobre a principal ilha açoriana em uma aventura compacta, divertida e informativa

  30. Anônimo (verified owner)

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  33. Connector07817971452 – Incrível! (verified owner)

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    Muito bom

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    Azores es un paraíso, cuidarlo bien.
    Un fuerte abrazo, Yara y Rafael.

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  41. Louison – França

    20 de outubro de 2023

    Je suis à Sao Miguel pour 1 semaine et je voyage seule. Réserver cette activité a été la meilleure décision, car n’ayant pas pris de location de voiture et les bus étant assez rares ici, c’est un excellent rapport qualité prix pour découvrir les plus beaux spots. En 2 jours, on fait beaucoup de choses, et tout est super ! Il y a également beaucoup de dégustations gratuites, en plus des repas inclus. Notre guide était Gonzalo, et il était très gentil ! Je vous recommande de faire ça au début de votre voyage et/ou si vous restez peu de temps, car vous aurez ainsi découvert l’essentiel de l’île. Enfin, c’est aussi un bon moyen pour faire des rencontres. J’ai vraiment adoré !

  42. Anonymous – Canada

    Our 2 day tour was completely beautiful, the views and places were breathtaking. Our tour guy was a complete gentleman, explained everything very well both in English and Portuguese. I was with my 2 teenage kids and some friends and we all day an amazing time. Will definitely recommend and do it again love it.

  43. Anonymous – Estados Unidos

    Very great way to see much of Sao Miguel over two days. Loved the different viewpoints, swimming in the hot springs, and trying the local gastronomy. Would definitely recommend to anybody visiting without a car to see the island. Rafael is an excellent guide who loves his island and its natural beauty.

  44. Anonymous – Alemanha

    In nur zwei Tagen wurden uns die schönsten Plätze und Sehenswürdigkeiten dieser traumhaft schönen Insel gezeigt. Der Tag war durchgetaktet , aber wir haben sehr viel gesehen. Unsere Reisebegleitung Vera war sehr freundlich und angenehm und hat alles erklärt und alles wichtige erzählt. Nun können wir uns in unserer verbleibenden Zeit nochmal mit dem Auto unsere Lieblingsplätze in aller Ruhe anschauen. Es waren zwei sehr schöne Tage um einen Eindruck dieser Schönheit zu bekommen.

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    A Big Thank you to Azores Dream Tours

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    Riyaz Essa, Toronto

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    Really enjoy it and definitely would recommend to a friend

  62. milavillaceran – Don’t look any further, book this!

    If you are looking for a complete tour to see Azores, look no further and book this! João is amazing! He is attentive, funny, knowledgeable and just an overall fun person to be around with. Keep in mind that the tour is about 9 hours long so you’d want to have someone like João to be your guide. He makes everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. Perfect for solo travelers, friends, couples, etc. The tour the must-see places in the island.

  63. Rob F

    Good value for two days and covering a mix of viewpoints, thermal activity and industries. Henrique was very knowledgeable about flora and fauna.

  64. Kiki

    An amazing way to see so many highlights in 2 days. So many activities were included! We loved our tour guide Vera. Would definitely recommend !

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