Round the Island – “The best of 3 days of circuit in 1”



All pick-up starts between 9:00 and 9:20 am.


9 hours


  • Included between Ponta Delgada, Ribeira Grande and Lagoa;
  • Outside the included zones, an additional charge can be applied.


Lunch in a local restaurant, (starters, main course, drinks, dessert, coffee).

50% OFF

Children under 10 years old.


Free until 24 hours before the start of the tour.


  • Embark on an epic 9-hour journey through paths and flanked slopes of hydrangeas;
  • Visit one of the most emblematic belvederes of São Miguel, the Vista do Rei, known for having been there on July 6, 1901, King D. Carlos and Queen D. Amélia;
  • Climb with us up to 900 mt to Barrosa Viewpoint, the second highest point of São Miguel, from where you can see, from above, the city of Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande;
  • Admire the pure nature of the lush volcanic crater of Lagoa do Fogo with its turquoise waters from its incredible viewpoint;
  • Explore the volcanological activities of one of the most active volcanoes in the Azores, as well as all its eruptive history over 100,000 years old;
  • Enjoy a Portuguese stew with a truly Azorean spirit, cooked on volcanic soil for 6 hours. Lunch not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense;
  • Relax in natural hot spring pools. Entry not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense;
  • See for yourself why it is the Furnas Valley considered by experts to be the largest hydropolis in the world for its diversity of mineral waters and hot springs from its springs;
  • Marvel at the majestic Northeast Florida Nature, once considered the 10th island of the Azores, with its incredible flower-filled viewpoints;
  • Admire the imposing Véu da Noiva Waterfall in Ribeira dos Caldeirões;
  • Explore the Ribeira dos Caldeirões Natural Park located along part of the Ribeira dos Caldeirões watercourse and its 5 existing watermills.

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Our goal is to provide to all customers, the maximum satisfaction and safety measures, currently required by the Governmental management of Health.

ROUND THE ISLAND – “The best of 3 days of circuit in 1”


After pick-up at your hotel or accommodation (free service between the cities of Ponta Delgada, Lagoa and Ribeira Grande), from 9:00 am until 9:20 am, we start the “round the island” tour all day long. “The best of 3 days of circuit in 1”.

Towards the viewpoint of Pico do Carvão, where we will admire the North and South coasts, with Lagoa do Fogo as a backdrop. A stunning landscape!

Towards the viewpoint of Vista do Rei at Sete Cidades, here are all Kings and Queens, so known by the fact that there were, on July 6, 1901, King D. Carlos and Queen D. Amelia.

Time to drive to the Furnas crater lake, area where the famous “Cozido das Furnas” is cooked on volcanic soil for 6 hours, here we can also observe the removal of pots from inside the volcanic soil by local restaurants. , we will also visit the various fumaroles and boilers existing in the area.

Back on the road, and towards the parish of Furnas you can optionally relax in pools of hot thermal waters, over 30 degrees, which flow incessantly from railway springs.
This is a thermal charisma experience, with the option of the client and alternative, between Poça da Dona Beija) and Terra Nostra Park Swimming Pools. (Entry not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense).

Where in addition to being able to bathe, you can also visit its amazing Botanical Garden of Terra Nostra Park, considered one of the largest and best in Europe.

Lunch break (lunch included)

After a break, we will have a walking tour in the boiler zone, where you will be impressed by the many manifestations of this volcano and where you can taste some mineral waters there.

Heading to the Northeast, where we will stop for a short walk in the Ribeira dos Caldeirões Natural Park. A waterfall, along with the existing watermills, promote the place.

It’s time to take the road back to Lagoa do Fogo. This will be our last stop before returning to the Hotel after an unforgettable day.
These will undoubtedly be the best 9 hours and the best 200km spent on your vacation in Sao Miguel in the Azores after a full day visit around Sao Miguel Island.

Depending on weather conditions and with a view to better enhancing and ensuring the utmost experience of our customers, visit orders may be changed.


  • Pico do Carvão;
  • Vista do Rei viewpoint/ Sete Cidades Volcanic Crater / Sete Cidades Lagoon;
  • Furnas Crater / Lagoon / Fumarolas / Boilers / Springs / Removal of Furnas stew (Entrance included);
  • Dona Beija hot springs (bath) or Parque Terra Nostra Botanical Garden – for visiting or bathing (Entry not included, available by choice or at customer’s expense);
  • Parish of Furnas / Hot Springs / Fumaroles / Water springs;
  • Pico do Ferro viewpoint/Furnas Volcanic Crater;
  • Ribeira dos Caldeirões Natural Park in Nordeste and its Water Mills;
  • Visit Quenturas garden;
  • Waterfall Véu da Noiva in Nordeste;
  • Lagoa do Fogo viewpoint;
  • Pico da Barrosa viewpoint 900 mt. (volcanic crater view of Lagoa do Fogo / North and South of São Miguel Island).



 Local Guide;

Pick-up at your accommodation between Ponta Delgada, Lagoa and Ribeira Grande;

Bottle of water, sodas;

Free internet on board;

Chargers available for, smartphone, tablet, etc .;


Child seat available by prior request, please note that use is required by Portuguese law up to 12 years old or 36 kg;


Live Commented Tour.

Lunch included (starters, main course, drinks, dessert, coffee);

Entrance at Furnas lake ( Stew area ).


Entrance to Terra Nostra or Dona Beija.




We sell not only circuits … but a set of experiences. We are well aware that when it comes time to choose a tour, you have more options and they all claim to have and be “the best”, but what sets us apart from all the others?

Although there are now some companies that have copied us, we were the creators of this tour a few years ago. There are those who give it various names and various values, but nobody makes it more complete than us, so since the first day we started this tour, the Northeast area (The Ribeira dos Caldeirões Park and its imposing waterfall) has been , is and will always be included in this tour. Most of those who imitate us do not have this visit point included, making their circuit length take approximately 8 hours, while we take at least 9 hours. This full-day tour offers our guests the best of the best places to visit in Sao Miguel today and was created with people in mind for short-term trips to the island, whether for business or pleasure.

So we selected the best of the best 3-day places to visit in São Miguel, in the areas of Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo, Furnas and Nordeste, and filled an amazing whole day lasting 9 relaxing hours.
We want you to take time out of your vocabulary on this day… don’t worry, we have the right time to start, but not to end. We are proud to say that we have the best value / circuit practiced in the market, so even if it is cheaper, we equal the price.

We are not a big company… we don’t have big cars… but a GREAT SERVICE.

Book your Return to Sao Miguel Island Tour now, and let us honor you as part of our family, even for a day.


    • Comfortable shoes;
    • Swimsuit preferably darker color, as the spa has some iron concentration and may change the lighter colors;
    • Bath towel preferably darker color, as the spa has some iron concentration and can change the lighter colors.


    – In some viewpoints located at higher altitudes can make it colder and windier, it is recommended to wear a warmer garment. Do not forget that in the Azores you can do all 4 seasons in one day;
    – If you need to make changes or cancel, you can call +351 919 607 160 24/7;
    – Cancellation is free until 24 hours before the start of your tour.
    The only way to book tours with us is online.


  • Your hotel receptionist may possibly try to convince you to cancel your activity with us, to recommend one selected by her / her, claiming it is the one they usually recommend, because customers “love this company very much”;
  • Did you know that you cannot find activity information flyers displayed in most hotels, and they are stored in a closet or drawer and are only exposed to the public, “the company (s) that pays the highest commissions;
  • Our flyers are available only at airport and downtown tourist offices;
  • 95% of our bookings are made directly through digital platforms. “We are tech natives and not migrants”;
  • The remaining 5% comes through agencies, specially selected by us, for resale of our products.“What we would pay in hotel / accommodation commissions, we prefer to invest in the improvement, duration and quality for our customers, in services. or products ”after all the customer is the pillar of our business, not a hotel / accommodation receptionist.

7 reviews for Round the Island – “The best of 3 days of circuit in 1”

  1. Graham P

    “This was our best day of the trip yet!!!!!”- My Wife John did an excellent job all day long! He showed us things on the island we never would have discovered on our own, including local favorite restaurants and sights! The tour was sprinkled with his own childhood experiences from growing up on the island as well, which made the tour all the more special. My wife and I would recommend this tour to anyone!

  2. Dennis Goriachev

    Great tours and guides! Did not think it was possible to do and see so much in one day!!

  3. Michael K

    Full Island Tour We had a short stop in the Azores for 2 days en route to Spain and wanted an efficient overview of Sao Miguel, the main island. Our guide Hélia was very professional, prompt and friendly. We researched areas we wanted to see and she was able to accommodate all that we wanted. We even had time for a stop to enjoy thermal baths as well as a beautiful seaside lunch. I highly recommend Azore Dream Tours

  4. Dennis G

    Great tour!! Did not think it was possible to do and see so much in one day! Even better was that the guide explained options for my next day as I had rented a car to explore, and it could not have gone any better! would recommend for anyone and everyone visiting Sao Miguel.

  5. sc11884

    All In One Tour Was on the tour back in June. I was the only one making it really private. The tour took me around the entire island, I saw some pretty amazing lakes and had some of the best views. For lunch they take you to Tony’s to eat authentic Azorean food. My tour guide was really funny and we had some pretty good laughs all the way. I also took amazing pictures. It wasn’t a problem asking to stop (if he could of course) if I saw something I wanted to take a picture of. He also knew all the best spots for pictures. He also took me to a bar and I had some pretty sweet pineapple liquor. If your schedule is tight then I definitely recommend this tour as it takes you to all the major spots and the guides definitely know their stuff. I really couldn’t have asked for a better day.

    Grande Londres, Reino Unido

  6. MiriamSibaritaCarmo

    The best guide in Ponta Delgada! Miguel Correia is the best local guide in Ponta Delgada! He’s very professional, always arrives on time, very helpfull and he knows everything there is to know about the island! We did the 4-in-1 tour (the whole island) in one day and it was amazing! We were lucky with the weather, the only sunny day in weeks! We will go back in the Summer and of course Miguel will be our guide!

    Cancún, México

  7. salark2014

    4 in 1 tour we bought 1 day tour (4in1:sete Cidades-Furnas-Nordest,loga do fogo). with this tour you can explore all beauties of sao Migul. our guide Joao was very knowledgeable and professional. He is a relaxed and sociable guy. i’m sure that with João you will enjoy. Even in fogy and rainy weather he will create an enjoyable experience for you. I would highly recommend taking these tours.

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Round the Island – “The best of 3 days of circuit in 1”

Round the Island Circuit, all day long, these will undoubtedly be the best 9 hours and the best 200km spent on your vacation in Sao Miguel in the Azores, after a full day tour around Sao Miguel Island.

(7 customer reviews)


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